70th Class Reunion

The Class of 1945 gathered for their 70th at a luncheon at the Massillion Eagles Club. This was an “open” reunion for family and friends as well as classmates and 40 were in attendance, 20 from the actual class. George Bond donated a centerpiece at the memorabilia table. Orange silk roses in memory of Maurice “Doc” Luckner were at the tables and dessert of orange iced cupcakes were provided to all in memory of Walt and Charlotte (Kuntz) Matthews. The WHS Alma Mater was sung at the conclusion.

This class also had a “toast” to themselves at 2pm on October 31st. Classmates all across the country were invited to take a moment to remember the exact moment the Bulldogs and Tigers kicked-off their annual game.


If you can identify classmates in photos, please notify George Bond at 860-668-7463, or email at gwbond007@cox.net

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The “Toast to Forty-Five”

(From WHSAA)

“Here’s to our Alma Mater and those “long, long years to come” that led to “wherever we may be” come now, some 70 years hence.”

“And here’s to our leaders, L.J. Smith, L.P. Kemp and I.W. Snyder; apparently initials were in vogue those days!”

“To our glorious and patient faculty members who shared their knowledge with us. Weimer, Reiger, Sinnock, Sonnhalter, David Morgan and so on. We really didn’t realize how much we learned until later”

“Here’s to our class officers who planned our social lives, George Bond, Merle Miller, Joan Markewitz and Dave Doll”

“Here’s to our ’44 Tigers led by Bill Gable and Glenn Keller and coached by Elwood Kammer”

“And to Eddie Cresenze on the basketball court; can’t ever remember him missing now! And we made the State final four!”

“Here’s to the floor show at Tiger Stadium directed by George Bird and his 64 pieces. Remember “G.I. Jive” and the “Salute to American Mothers?”

“Oh, and here’s to “Doc” Luckner, our Obie to be but never was. We’re slowing joining up with you Doc, after all these years.”

“Here’s to Miss Resler, her right hand man, Walt Matthews, The Messiah at St. Paul’s Church and the musical “Firefly”.. good stuff in those days!”

“Here’s to Jeane Jones, our Miss Massillonain as handpicked by Coach Brown himself”

“Here’s to our Struts and Fretters and their production of “Arsenic and Old Lace”… what a hoot, what a show/’

“Finally, here’s to all of you ‘Forty-Fivers and those long, long years to come that, by golly, came and went. We grew up in The Depression, were schooled in the war years, and managed to have a swell time in spite of it all”

“Salute… to Massillon Washington High and wherever we may be.”

Songs of Massillon

From the incredible memory of Jacquie Harding Lewis

Whittier, my Whittier, oh Whittier my Whittier.
With health and wealth we’re in the square, prosperity seems everywhere,
so com along and get your share at Whittier
my Whittier!
– Whittier Alma Mater & Longfellow Alma Mater
Longfellow ‘s colors are waving today;
Longfellow’s colors point out the way;
Steady and strong they are marching along,
Longfellow will win today!
Never yielding we”ll fight to the end with courage never failing;
so we’ll fight with our might
for the red and the white
Longfellow will yell yell yell for thee!
– Whittier Alma Mater & Longfellow Alma Mater